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Study Novel Therapeutic Compounds with China

I am honored to have the CAS President's International Fellowship for Special Experts, which offers unique possibilities for foreign scientists to establish and foster collaboration with their colleagues in Chinese research institutions, and in my particular case it was of central importance for establishing first contacts during short visits to finally realize long-term research collaboration.

A Moss Interested Man

The old saying "a rolling stone gathers no moss" has evolved over the years, coming to mean that one must keep moving in order to stay fresh and keen, particularly when it comes to a career. But, what about those who are always moving around, doing so to literally only gather moss?

Bharat's Long-lasting Friendship with Beijing: A Successful Research Journey

Dr. Bharat Kumar Yerra is from the southern part of India, an astronomer solving stellar puzzles from starlight through telescopes. He is now working at NAOC and is very productive in his research work. He has been in China for six years altogether, with two years as PIFI fellow at NAOC and now a LAMOST fellow at NAOC itself. He tells about his life and work at NAOC and Beijing.

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